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FO: Log Cabin Socks (again)

Pattern: Log Cabin Socks
For: Tracy
Size: Women's 6 1/2-7, narrow
Source: Handknit Holidays
Yarn: ~238 yds Mountain Colors 4/8's Wool in Olive
Needles: US 4 Knit Picks Options
Gauge: ~6.5 sts per in
Timeline: started 02.25.2008; finished 03.13.2008

I had to change this quite a bit to fit my best friend's narrow feet that were smaller than the pattern. I went down to a size 4 needle to help with that. I'll have my full notes below. Once again, I loved working with the 4/8's Wool. It's just too pretty.

I don't have a good finished picture of these, but they're basically a smaller and much, much narrower version of these.

My notes:
CO 48 sts
Work rib for 14 rows before switching to Cable chart
For rows 1 and 2 of cable chart, actually worked rib chart (because I don’t pay attention).
Only worked cable chart once (because, once again, I don’t pay attention).
Worked 28 rows of heel chart for heel flap.
Picked up 17 sts on each side instead of 11.
Worked decrease round every round (12 times total) until 17-st sections only contain 5 sts.
Row 13 of cable chart: knit even
14: decrease round
15: knit even
16: decrease round
Finish up cable chart (row 36) and then 18 more rows of chart.
Decrease round and knit even - 5 times
Decrease round 3 times
The end. :)


FO: Hemlock Ring Blanket

center lace detail
Pattern: Hemlock Ring Blanket
For: Tracy
Yarn: ~918 yds (almost 2 full skeins) of Cascade Ecological Wool in Gun Metal
Needles: US 10 1/2 circs, various Susan Bates and Denise Interchangeables
Timeline: started 01.30.2008; finished 02.11.2008
feather and fan detail
Well, a billion knitters can't be wrong, eh? This is a great pattern. I had some issues with a bit of a gap where I joined to work in the round, but I was able to stitch that up at the very end. Using a scale and some math, I used up as much of the yarn as I could, which ended up meaning that I worked Jared's entire chart (71 stitches for each pattern repeat). Even with so many stitches on my needles, this thing just flew. It took less than two weeks and was enjoyable from beginning to end. As I said in my initial post on Ravelry, I adore Jared for finding and refining this pattern.

As for the yarn, I loved working with it. If I were to knit this again, I'd definitely opt for using Eco Wool again, possibly making a larger version with 3 skeins. I could also see myself using it for a sweater, since it's such a great value.


More spinning...and some knitting.

I finished spinning up some corriedale the other day. It's lovely.

I also started knitting Rusted Root for myself. It's been a while since I've knitted myself a sweater, so I'm having a blast. I'm going to be taking a trip to a cabin next month and am hoping to have it finished by then so that I can wear it, since it should be perfect for walking around in the crisp Fall air.
Rusted Root Progress


Can't Stop Spinning!

3ply handspun
I am in love with this yarn I finished recently. I got a 4 oz. of hand-dyed Finn Wool Top from Hello Yarn in my Yarn School goody bag, but didn't want to spin it up until I was a bit better. I am so, so glad that I waited. Since I'm finally better at drafting, I was able to just spin from one end to the other, without dividing the top into strips. This allowed be to preserve the colors as they were. I also Navajo plied the singles so that I would have nice, long color repeats.

Here are the specs and some other shots. More details and photos are in my stash on Ravelry.

~234 yds / 4 oz. (no waste!)
fingering weight
100% wool

The fiber



As for knitting, I'm still trucking through my brother's Smokin' jacket and Nadine's Snickets. Not too interesting. I ran into another snag with Smokin', so that's on hold . I'd love to finish up the socks, but I have the feeling I may be casting on for Rusted Root


Spinning Frenzy

This weekend was a bit of a spinning frenzy for me. I'm still amazed at how much I got done. I supposed I shouldn't be too surprised, since I purposely spun these two yarns more thickly than I have been spinning, but...yeah. It was awesome.

First up is some superwash BFL in salad days from Pigeonroof Studios. I purchased this back in July of 2007, and just started spinning it up on September 3rd.

I finished on the 5th, ending up with the following. It is ridiculously squishy and soft. I adore it.

119 yds / 107 g of 2-ply, 9 wpi

The one problem I had is that, although the yarn I spun was consistent for each bobbin, what I ended up spinning on the second bobbin was much, much thinner. For that reason, I made the last bit on that bobbin a 3-ply. It still isn't quite as thick as the 2-ply. I'll need to work on being more aware of how I'm spinning when I switch to a new bobbin.

27 yds / 21 g of 3-ply, 11 wpi

I also finally spun up the masham (1/2 wensleydale) that I dyed at Yarn School in the Spring. It was a bit squished from being dyed, so I had to tear it into strips, even though I had wanted to just spin it in one go. I also broke the roving in half, since the first part was really vibrant, and the second was more dull and lighter. I started this on September 5th and finished on the 8th. I plied them together and really like the result.

203 yds of 2-ply, 8 wpi

Right now, I have the feeling that they're both going to become hats. We shall see...


FO: Rose Red

Rose Red - finished
Pattern: Rose Red
For: me
Size: Large / 24" head circumference
Yarn: ~202 yds The Fibre Company Khroma DK in Monaco
Needles: US 6 Knit Picks Options
Timeline: started 08.20.2008; finished 08.26.2008
Just more Rose Red
Well, as always, Ysolda does not disappoint. This is the 5th pattern of hers that I've knit, and I have a few more in my queue. What can I say? The woman can really design a beret!

Anyway, the only modification, if you can even call it that, that I made was to work a sewn bind off. I made the size large, because I have a big head and it worked out great. I liked it unblocked, even if it did look a bit Strawberry Shortcake-ish.
Rose Red ublocked
However, I went ahead and blocked it on a big plate anyway. It didn't make much of a difference. The lace opened up a little bit, but it isn't much slouchier. I really like it, and can't wait to start wearing it.
Top of hat - unblocked

Top of hat - blocking

Top of hat - blocked