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FO: Swallowtail Shawl

Pattern: Swallowtail Shawl by Evelyn A. Clark
Magazine: Interweave Knits, Fall 2006
For: Nadine's Grandmum
Yarn: .76 skeins of Misti International Laceweight Baby Alpaca in Sea Mist (left over from my lace gloves)
Needles: US size 5 Knit Picks Options
Timeline: started 10.09.2007; finished 11.11.2007

Well, what can I say about this one? As of this post, there are already 495 finished Swallowtails in Ravelry, not counting mine. The pattern is fabulous and well-written. I went up to size 5s partially because my 4s are already in use on my Mystery Stole, but mostly because I wanted to see if I could make it a teensy bit bigger.

As you can see, it's still pretty small. If this were for me, I would have extended the budding lace portion quite a few more repeats and/or used a thicker yarn and bigger needles. Luckily, this is for a petite British woman, so I think it's going to work out really well.

This was my first time making a full item in laceweight. (For the gloves I mentioned above, I doubled the yarn.) It was pretty interesting not really "feeling" what I was knitting. However, I think it turned out beautifully and I can't wait until it is received. I didn't even have to do anything to make the nupps easier to do. The Knit Picks Options were fabulous because they are so pointy. I love the nupps!

FO: Forecast

Pattern: Forecast by Stefanie Japel
Book: Weekend Knitting
For: Me
Size: 36.5" bust
Yarn: 4.5 skeins of Northampton Valley Yarns in Merlot Heather
Needles: US size 6 and 8 Denise Interchangeables
Timeline: started 08.25.2007; finished 10.28.2007

I've wantd to make this sweater ever since I started knitting. I bought the yarn (a nice workhouse worsted wool) at Stitches and cast on the same month. This only took me one month to knit, but some button issues pushed the actual finish date back another month. The buttons I have now aren't that interesting, which is just what I wanted.

As for pattern modifications, I didn't make the bobbles smaller or eliminate them. This was the first time I did bobbles and I adored them! I knit the first sleeve as in the pattern and the second using Winnie's modifications. I ended up staying with the pattern as written. I had some issues with one cuff ending up too big, so I tried EZ's trick of adding some elastic thread to tighten it. It worked like a charm!

So, overall? I'm glad I knit this. The pattern is really a pattern for knitters (I can't remember who said that.). It's really interesting and fun to knit, and the gauge made it go pretty quickly.

Now, for the important questions: will I wear it? Well, it's warm, but not oppressively so, which is good. However, like I've seen Jenny and Nicole mention on Stash and Burn a few times lately, this is not a sweater that looks good open...at all. The ribbing just pulls the waist in oddly, which makes it look pretty funky. So, I'm not really sure about it. I'm going to have to see how it goes.


FO: Farmer's Market Bag

Pattern: Farmer's Market Bag by Pam Allen
Book: Weekend Knitting
For: Me
Yarn: Istex √Ālafoss Lopi: 1 skein 0058 (Gray), 1.2 skeins 0017 (Yellow), 1.1 skeins 9970 (Red), 1.8 skeins 9975 (Black)
Yarn source: A gift my brother brought me back from Iceland
Needles: US size 11 and 13 Knit Picks Options
Timeline: started 09.24.2007; finished 10.28.2007

OK, so...I love this bag. This is the first time I've done colorwork and I think it turned out really well. (Of course, it helps that I felted this in the end.) The only change made was to make sure I didn't float a color more than 5 stitches because I took Elizabeth Zimmerman's advice. I had to alter the pattern a little bit to do that, but it looks pretty good.

It's definitely a big bag. After felting it a few times, the bag section was a good size, but the strap was still way too long. I ended up cutting off over 5", stitching it back together with the black yarn, and felting it. Oh, and look at the guts. Aren't they pretty?

FO: Gretel

Pattern: Gretel by Ysolda
For: Me
Yarn: 2.72 hanks of Elsebeth Lavold Angora in Cherry Red
Source: Loopy Yarns
Needles: US size 5 and 7 Knit Picks Options
Timeline: started 10.21.2007; finished 10.26.2007

This pattern was amazingly well-written. I made the slouchy version and the only thing I would change if knitting it again would be to do the cast on on larger needles, maybe 6s.

This was my first time doing a tubular cast on, which was interesting. It turned out tighter than I think it was supposed to, but I'm a pretty tight knitter, so I'm not sure what the problem was.

The yarn is gorgeous. I found out about it at a yarn tasting at Loopy Yarns and was so glad it would work for this pattern. It's a tad itchy, but I think my forehead is just really sensitive. All in all, I love this hat and have already worn it a lot. I'm definitely going to keep seeking out slouchy hat pattern. I think Estella might be my next choice.



I just cast on for my Tilted Duster for NaSweKnitMo. I think I should be able to get it done in a month. Hopefully. It's mostly knit in pieces, so it will make good bus knitting.

I'm using the yarn called for in the pattern, which is almost unheard of with me. It's Berroco Peruvia in this odd green with a lot of brown and a bit of turquoise in it. It's really quite lovely and I can't wait to finish it.