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button issues

i bought my buttons for forecast and...well, i'm not sure about them.

i think they might be taking away from the sweater. maybe i should go for something plainer and closer to the color of the yarn i used. here's a close-up.

so...any thoughts?


FO: trellis & vine (modified)

pattern: trellis & vine
source: magknits
for: jeannie
timeline: started july 2007; finished 09.19.2007
yarn: 2.5 skeins of the leader acrylic in 050
needles: US size 6 knit picks options

i mostly followed this pattern as written. however, i needed something that i could remember so that this project would be portable, so replaced the lace pattern with vine lace (found in barbara g. walker's a treasury of knitting patterns), which only has two rows that need to be memorized. i may have also added a few stitches to the middle stockinette section to make it a bit wider.

i normally don't knit with 100% acrylic, so this was sort of odd for me. i don't think i'd pick up more acrylic yarn (i think i need at least some wool content; i was fine working with plymouth encore.). i didn't realize until i was over halfway done with this that blocking probably won't work as well as i needed it to. luckily, i stumbled across directions on blocking / killing acrylic. it worked perfectly! killing the shawl ended up giving it much more drape, opening up the lace pattern, and lending a nice sheen to it. i'm really glad i decided to do that.

FO: helmetliner

pattern: helmetliner (free pattern)
for: julia
timeline: started 09.18.2007; finished 09.21.2007
yarn: 1 skein of lion brand wool-ease in pines
needles: US size 6 and 8 denise interchangeables, US size 8 plastic DPNs

nothing much to report, really. a fast, straightforward knit. i'd probably do an inch or so more ribbing at the neck and some more around the face if i were to make another.

FO: provincial waistcoat

pattern: provincial waistcoat
source: interweave knits, winter 2006
size: 35" bust (-1" ease)
for: me
timeline: started 05.27.2007; finished 09.13.2007
yarn: 4.5 hanks knit picks decadence in winter rose (~544 yds)
needles: US size 8 bamboo circs for body, US size 9 plastic circ for cabling, US size 8 denise interchangeable for picking up stitches and borders
buttons: 3 1" pearl buttons with a subtle design
shirt: just a little something i picked up from the thrift store for $3. it's perfect!

well...where to start? i've had my eye on this pattern (and quite a few others) since i got this issue of IK. i worked on worked for quite a while, foolishly starting it when the weather was warming up. the way the variou stitch patterns lend texture to this is fabulous, not to mention the great shaping. i was actually wary of tackling this pattern, since it is so fitted. it was definitely a challenge for me, especially since i kept putting it away to work on other projects.

problems? all of the "at the same time"s. not a fan of those. this is definitely one of those situations where a chart (even if it would have to be huge) would be waaaay more useful than written directions. aside from that, there were no problems with the pattern as far as i could tell.

i bought the buttons at vogue fabrics on roosevelt and i'm really pleased with them. i probably spent over half an hour looking through buttons. i had initially planned on getting dark wood buttons, but i'm glad i decided to go with the pearl instead.


FO: le slouch

pattern: le slouch
source: knit and tonic
for: me
timeline: started 09.13.2007; finished 09.17.2007
yarn: 1.25 hanks of misti alpaca chunky in 689
needles: US size 8 denise interchangeables, US size 8 plastic DPNs

it's a miracle: a hat that fits my big head and looks good! this was a nice, quick knit, and i really like the yarn a lot. i'm not thrilled with the decreases on top, but i guess they aren't too bad. i might actually make myself another in stockinette, possibly in a tweedy yarn.

FO: super-fun scarf

no pattern, just a garter stitch scarf
for: ?
timeline: started january 2007; finished 09.12.2007
yarn: 1.1 yds sirdar firefly in 884, 0.4 skeins of sirdar funky fur magic in winter berries, 0.6 skeins knit picks main line in dusty lavender, 1 skein berroco ultra alpaca in cranberry mix
needles: US size 35 (eek!) straights

this was just a stashbuster. i basically kep knitting with 5 strands held together (the ultra alpaca was doubled.) until i ran of something. this isn't really "me", so i might end up giving it to someone.


knitting plans

well...a combination of being away over the weekend and having fewer hours of sunlight have really cramped my ability to update this blog. i hate posting entries without pictures, but here's a list of what posts should be coming soon. i also need to enter my FOs into the stash and burn contest.

::super-fun scarf - completed 09.12
i still need to figure out how much yarn i used on this.

::provincial waistcoat - completed 09.13
i'm debating whether i should do a real blocking on the waist of this.

::le slouch - completed 09.17
surprisingly, i like how this looks on me.

::trellis & vine
i just finished this during my lunch and am planning on blocking it and weaving in the few ends tonight.

i'm redoing the first sleeve to make it a bit longer and then frogging the second sleeve to make it match the first one. after that, i just need to do the button bands and get some buttons

i think that's all. the beaded rib sock is still hanging out in my purse and is probably about 80% done. i haven't even looked at the mystery stole lately. after trellis & vine is done, i need to cast on for the last birthday shawl of the year.


FO: molly ringwald

pattern: molly ringwald
source: knitscene fall 2006
size: 34" bust
for: me
timeline: started 08.12.2007; finished 08.25.2007 (about 2 weeks)
yarn: 5.2 skeins madil eden in lipstick
needles: US size 5 denise interchangeables

i've been looking at this pattern for a while and, after seeing a few versions, i decided to go ahead. however, i didn't want to use wool, so i nabbed some madil eden (100% bamboo) for 75% off and decided to go with that. obviously, not using a wool or wool blend meant that i had to be careful, since the bamboo yarn wouldn't hold its shape as well. add to that the fact that a lot of people said they wished they had made a smaller size and i was very, very paranoid about fit.

so, i made the 34" bust (i'm a 36".) and used smaller needles (size 5s). i also modified the pattern to be knit in the round. the fit is really good and i think i'll be able to wear this a lot. the pattern is well-written, and there weren't any errors as far as i could tell.

this was my first time using madil eden and i really liked it. it was pretty splitty, but manageable with the denises. i think that it would make a great substitute for silk, too, because the drape is excellent and the shine is nice.

i think that the most important part of the pattern is the crocheted edging along the neckline. the sleeves just fell right down my arms without it, but fit really well with it. full disclosure: i had nadine do the crocheting for me (and she complained about the splittiness of the yarn and the teeny, tiny crochet hook the entire time). thanks, nadine!

and...for the boring changes i made when knitting...
- Cast on with 7s. Modified to knit in the round. Knit the 34" bust due to bamboo / ribbing stretching issues. Removed 4 selvege stitches.
- Knit 10 rows before pointelle row. Knit 1" between Pointelle row and first decrease row.
- Knit to 12 3/4" before starting Front / Back stuff.

FO: cable and bobble headband

pattern: cable and bobble headband
source: interweave knits, winter 2006
for: me
timeline: started 09.01.2007; finished 09.02.2007 (yup! 1 day.)
yarn: 1 ball (exactly) debbie bliss cashmerino chunky in 03 / coral
needles: US size 10 1/5 denise interchangeables

i needed a project that would fit three criteria. i wanted it to be something i could submit something to the contest over at stash and burn, use something from my stash, and be straightforward enough to learn continental knitting on. this fit the bill perfectly. i'd been trying to get rid of this lone ball of debbie bliss cashmerino chunky for forever. (i accidentally picked this up instead of a ball of cashmerino aran during my fetching-making craze of 2006.)

i decided to make slightly shorter i-cord ties (6" instead of 8") and skip the bobbles. as you can see, that worked out well.

in addition, i learned how to knit continental doing this project (aside from the i-cord - i just didn't want to deal with picking on that part.), so it was definitely a good project. also, picking seems a lot faster than throwing to me already. crazy, eh?