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bobbles and a cat

i started working on forecast saturday night and it is moving along very, very quickly.

also, i LOVE bobbles. i went ahead and did the 5-stitich bobbles as in the pattern, and they're fabulous. it's just such a sculptural knit.

i'm starting to think about what modifications, if any, i'll be making. i like the original sleeves and the popular start-the-ribbing-at-the-elbow sleeves, so i think i may knit one of each, try it on, and then decide.

and, finally...non-knitting content:

how cute is she? i seem to be a bit crap at cutting the shapes out, but aside from that it was smooth sailing. the book is just too cute for words and i'll probably be making quite a few more in the near future.


i really am knitting.


sorry for the crappy picture. it's molly ringwald from the fall 2006 issue of knitscene. i'm using a yarn that is really different from the recommended yarn, but i think i'm liking it. i just have to finish the second sleeve cap, do a bit of crochet around the edges, and weave in a bazillion ends.

other than that, i've just been working on a shawl. i have a ton of yarn (from end-of-summer sales and stitches midwest) that i'm dying to use. i can't wait for the weather to get cooler. i think this is going to be the winter of the cardigan.


prices reduced

Contact: lynnewio at gmail.com
lynne's fabulous knitting
Terms: Paypal only, no credit or debit cards
Shipping: In addition to price listed, buyer pays actual USPS shipping (First Class or Priority, depending on which is cheaper or preferred) with delivery confirmation

Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Chunky

Amount: 1 ball, partially knitted (see picture)
Color: Coral
Fiber: wool, microfiber, cashmere
Yardage: 71 yds/ball
Gauge: 14 sts=4" / #10 1/2
MSRP: $8/ball
Price: $4.50

Rowan Calmer

Amount: 2 balls
Color: 479 / Slosh (blue)
Fiber: cotton, acrylic
Yardage: 175 yds/ball (350 yds total)
Gauge: 21 sts=4" / #8
MSRP: $11.95/ball ($23.90 total)
Price: $17

Cascade 220 Wool

Amount: 80% of a hank, wound into a center-pull ball
Color: White
Fiber: wool
Yardage: ~176 yds
Gauge: 18 sts = 4" on US 7-8
MSRP: $6.60
Price: $4

Lang Yarns Cora

Color is darker than in photo. Also, this stuff is very, very soft.
Amount: 5 balls
Color: 68 (brown)
Fiber: nylon
Yardage: 76 yds/ball (~380 yds total)
Gauge: 12sts = 4" on US 10.5
MSRP: $10/ball ($50 total)
Price: $38

Knit Picks Andean Treasure - lot of three partial balls

Amount: 55% of one ball
Color: Fog

Color is darker than picture.
Amount: 64% of one ball
Color: Embers

Amount: 76% of one ball
Color: Wild Rose
Gauge: 24sts = 4" on US 3-5
Fiber: baby alpaca
Yardage: 110 yds/ball (~213 yds total: ~60 yds fog, ~70 yds embers, ~83 yds wild rose)
MSRP: $4.49/ball ($8.75 total)
Price: $5

Lang Yarns Venezia

Amount: 1 ball
Color: Natural
Fiber: mohair, acrylic
Yardage: 141 yds/ball
Gauge: 11sts = 4" on US 8
MSRP: $9
Price: $5

Debbie Bliss Cotton Cashmere

Amount: 8 balls
Color: Gray / 15004
Fiber: cotton, cashmere
Yardage: 103 yds/hank (824 yds total)
Gauge: 222 sts=4" / US 5
MSRP: not sure...$8.35 at yarnmarket.com ($66.80 total)
Price: $52

Colinette Jitterbug

Amount: 1 hank
Color: Mardi Gras
Fiber: merino
Yardage: 292 yds/hank
Gauge: 27-28 sts=4" / US 3
MSRP: $22/hank
Price: $21

Plymouth Bella Colour

Amount: 11 balls
Color: Bright White
Fiber: cotton, acrylic
Yardage: 104 yds/ball; 1144 yds total
Gauge: 4.5sts=4"
MSRP: $4.99/hank; $54.89 total
Price: $21


stitches midwest 2007

first off, i spent a lot of time at stitches yesterday and it was fabulous. not as much novelty yarn as in the previous two years. the main thing i walked away wanting was the book, victorian lace today by jane sowerby. there was a 45-minute fashion show emceed by ms. sowerby and i was in love with pretty much every design. i'll definitely be picking up the book.

the one booth that i really wanted to spend some time at was habu textiles. their booth was by far the most interesting as far as their display goes. tons of little baskets and bins with tiny skeins of yarn. i picked up three colors of Cotton Gima A-174 1/8.5...

which i'll probably use to small face cloths. i also picked up some laceweight bamboo...

to make nadine a small shawl for xmas.

at jimmy beans wool, i picked up enough yarn for two pairs of socks. first was two skeins of maizy, which i hasn't heard of before, in a dusty pink color.

after that, i fell in love with the first skein of jitterbug i'd ever seen in my life.

unfortunately, i've since fallen out of love with it. what can i say? i'm fickle. it will be on my destash page shortly.

of course, i also had to hit up the webs booth. i ended up getting a bunch of their valley yarn brand northampton. first up, is merlot...

for forecast. i also picked up some fawn...

to make the nantucket jacket.

all in all, a pretty reasonable haul. i was more focused than the previous two years, which was definitely good. plus, i finally got yarn for two projects (nantucket and forecast) that i've been meaning to make for forever. i didn't go crazy with the sock yarn and didn't spend an unreasonable amount at habu.

as for next year, it's been moved to a different venue and weekend in august, so i'm hoping to save up and actually take some classes instead of just going to the market.


FO: lotus blossom tank

pattern: lotus blossom tank from interweave knits, summer 2006 (also available for free on Knitting Daily.
size: 33 1/4" bust
for: me
timeline: started 07.24.2007; finished 08.03.2007 (that's only 9 days!)
yarn: 2.1 balls of south west trading company bamboo in fuschia
needles: US size 5 and 6 knit picks options

i made some alterations to this pattern pattern. first, i added a fifth repeat to the lace section so that it would be a bit longer, which worked out well. i also knit 3.5" of stockinette before the armholes instead of 3" and knit 6.5" up the back instead of 7.5". i got the idea for shortening the back from the 20th episode of stash and burn and the fit is great. thanks for the idea!

also...talk about a quick knit! it took just over a week to whip up this little tank and i really like it. the fabric is cool and the design is clean, but interesting. plus, it doesn't really take up any yarn. i'm actually tempted to buy some variegated swtc bamboo to make another.