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lynne's fabulous knitting
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Debbie Bliss Cotton Cashmere

Amount: 8 balls
Color: Gray / 15004
Fiber: cotton, cashmere
Yardage: 103 yds/hank (824 yds total)
Gauge: 222 sts=4" / US 5
MSRP: not sure...$8.35 at yarnmarket.com ($66.80 total)
Price: $55

Colinette Jitterbug

Amount: 1 hank
Color: Mardi Gras
Fiber: merino
Yardage: 292 yds/hank
Gauge: 27-28 sts=4" / US 3
MSRP: $22/hank
Price: $22

Plymouth Bella Colour

Amount: 11 balls
Color: Bright White
Fiber: cotton, acrylic
Yardage: 104 yds/ball; 1144 yds total
Gauge: 4.5sts=4"
MSRP: $4.99/hank; $54.89 total
Price: $22

Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Chunky

Amount: 1 ball, partially knitted (see picture)
Color: Coral
Fiber: wool, microfiber, cashmere
Yardage: 71 yds/ball
Gauge: 14 sts=4" / #10 1/2
MSRP: $8/ball
Price: $5

Rowan Calmer

Amount: 2 balls
Color: 479 / Slosh (blue)
Fiber: cotton, acrylic
Yardage: 175 yds/ball (350 yds total)
Gauge: 21 sts=4" / #8
MSRP: $11.95/ball ($23.90 total)
Price: $18

Cascade 220 Wool

Amount: 80% of a hank, wound into a center-pull ball
Color: White
Fiber: wool
Yardage: ~176 yds
Gauge: 18 sts = 4" on US 7-8
MSRP: $6.60
Price: $5

Lang Yarns Cora

Color is darker than in photo. Also, this stuff is very, very soft.
Amount: 5 balls
Color: 68 (brown)
Fiber: nylon
Yardage: 76 yds/ball (~380 yds total)
Gauge: 12sts = 4" on US 10.5
MSRP: $10/ball ($50 total)
Price: $40

Knit Picks Andean Treasure - lot of three partial balls

Amount: 55% of one ball
Color: Fog

Color is darker than picture.
Amount: 64% of one ball
Color: Embers

Amount: 76% of one ball
Color: Wild Rose
Gauge: 24sts = 4" on US 3-5
Fiber: baby alpaca
Yardage: 110 yds/ball (~213 yds total: ~60 yds fog, ~70 yds embers, ~83 yds wild rose)
MSRP: $4.49/ball ($8.75 total)
Price: $6

Lang Yarns Venezia

Amount: 1 ball
Color: Natural
Fiber: mohair, acrylic
Yardage: 141 yds/ball
Gauge: 11sts = 4" on US 8
MSRP: $9
Price: $6

Plymouth Bella Colour

Amount: 7 balls (5 untouched, 1 partially knit and rewound into a complete ball, 1 ball that was partially knit and is in two balls)
Color: Plum
Fiber: cotton, acrylic
Yardage: 104 yds/ball; 728yds total
Gauge: 4.5sts=4"
MSRP: $4.99/hank; $34.93 total
Price: $12

Plymouth Bella Colour

Amount: 10 balls
Color: Wheat
Fiber: cotton, acrylic
Yardage: 104 yds/ball; 1040 yds total
Gauge: 4.5sts=4"
MSRP: $4.99/hank; $49.90 total
Price: $20


FO: gusseted floor cushion

pattern: gusseted floor cushion from last-minute knitted gifts
for: the house
timeline: started 06.12.2007; finished 07.27.2007
yarn: ~5.5 balls of rowan big wool in gingersnap
needles: US size 15 clover bamboo straights

this was a pretty straightforward pattern. the yarn was nice and i was able to splice the ends together, so i didn't have as many ends to weave in as i would have otherwise. nadine made a lining for this so that the green of the cushion didn't show through and she also did all of the crocheting to put the pieces together. i should really learn how to crochet, eh?

would i make another? maybe. i'm going to see how much i end up using this one. i'd like to use the rowan big wool if i could find it on sale again (i got this yarn one for 40% off.), but i i'm not sure which color i would choose.


WIP wednesday (a bit early)

i have so much on the needles that it's just insane. luckily, aside for trellis & vine, i'm not knitting to any deadlines.

::sock memories socks
i finished my first laburnum sock (from sensational knitted socks), but it was waaaay too tight. plus, after finishing it, i realized that this particular pattern wasn't a good fit with the yarn.

however, i did really like the way the yarn knit up in plain stockinette, so i'm making some simple socks with it instead.

::lotus blossom tank
i just cast on for this tonight and managed to make it through one repeat of the lace pattern.

::mystery stole
coming along, if a bit slowly. this really requires my full attention, so i'm not always able to work on it. i did manage to finish up clue 1 so far.

::trellis & vine (modified)
moving along. no pictures yet, but i'm about 8 inches into it so far.

::provincial waistcoat
the back and one front is finished. i'd like to be able to work on the other front this week, but i'm not sure if that will happen, since i'm not exactly in a rush to finish a vest made of 100% alpaca.

::gusseted floor cushion
i'm actually done with the knitting and nadine is seaming it up for me. there's only one more side panel to add and it will be done.


FO: ene's scarf

pattern: ene's scarf from scarf style
for: auntie eleanor
timeline: started 05.29.2007; finished 07.14.2007
yarn: ~4.8 skeins of crystal palace panda cotton in yellow
needles: US size 6 knit picks options

the start of this was, not surprisingly, brutal. casting on and working those hundreds of stitches was pretty awful. every row seemed to take an eternity and i would knit forever and not seem to make any progress. however, once i got down to around 200 stitches or so, it went relatively quickly. the pattern was error-free, as far as i could tell.

i LOVE this shawl, especially in this yarn. it's cool to the touch and great for summer. it's a teensy bit splitty, but not awful. i would love to make another shawl, possibly in this pattern, for myself and/or a pair of socks.


mystery stole 03

well, apparently i'm a joiner. i got my yarn for the mystery stole over the weekend and got started. i just finished chart A of clue #1, so i'm a bit behind.


chart A

detail of chart A with beads

not too exciting so far, but it's moving along pretty well.


FO: second sock syndrome sock

pattern: baby sweater on two needles from knitter's almanac
for: ami
timeline: started mid-march 2007; frogged mid-may 2007; restarted mid-june 2007; finished 07.02.2007
yarn: the woolen rabbit sock yarn in iggy pop
needles: US size 3 metal dpns (set of 4), US size 2 wooden dpns (set of 4)
sock #1: knit by vera
more details on swap here.

this sock was an excellent lesson in how different people can get remarkably different gauges with the same yarn and needles. i did about 1/3 of the sock on the socks vera provided (US 1), but they were way too small. i ended up going up to size 3s, but realized that my row gauge was really off. if you look at the picture below, you might be able to see that the sock on the left (vera's) has one more cable repeat than the one on the right (mine). i decided that i was fine with having fraternal twins and went down to 2s for the remainder of the sock. it worked out in the end, i think.

this is the first pair of real (i.e., using fingering weight yarn) that i've made for myself. my heel isn't as neat as vera's, but i'm going to blame that on the fact that i was staying up pretty late to work on it. the only change i made to the pattern was to reverse the cables on the second sock.