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days off are for lots of knitting

i love having days off and nothing more planned than to do a bit of cleaning, some laundry, and tons of knitting.

:provincial waistcoat
this morning, i had this done:

and now i have this:

not too shabby. i think i'm about 1/4 of the way done.

:ene's scarf
i'll be casting on for this in a little while. i'm using crystal palace panda cotton. i think it will make a nice shawl for summer.

:prairie tunic
i'm also going to cast on for the front of this, since i'll be working on it on the bus and while at work.


prairie tunic progress

i finished the back of the prairie tunic today.

it's looking pretty good so far. i just need to knit up the front, seam it, and make the ties. i've really enjoyed working on this, but i'll be glad to take a break from the cotton yarn.


saturdays are for swatching

:provincial waistcoat

i got gauge with my US size 8 bamboo circulars. the yarn is knit picks decadence in winter rose.

:sienna cardigan

i'm still working on this one. the 9s seemed a bit too big, but the 8s are way too small. i think i'll block the swatch i did on the 8s and go from there. the yarn is knit picks wool of the andes in fern.


FO: airy wrap-around lace sweater

pattern: airy wrap around sweater from fitted knits
size: 37" bust
for: me
timeline: started 04.05.2007; finished 05.25.2007
yarn: 5 balls (just barely, definitely get 6 if you're making the same size) lang yarns venezia in natural
needles: US size 13 boye interchangeables and knit picks options

this is the first pattern i've made form fitted knits, but i already have quite a few others on my to-knit list. it's a nice, simple pattern, but i like the use of a thinner yarn with big needles. i like the way it looks with jeans and a tank, but it could definitely be dressed up. i had to go up quite a bit from the suggested 10s and i think i may have lost some of the structure that they would have provided. oh, well...

the only alteration i made was to shorten the ties. i could have used a couple of extra inches when all was said and done, but i'm sure they're going to stretch out as i wear this. i was running low on yarn toward the end, so i skipped a couple of extra rows on the sleeves. it's a good thing i did because i ended up with pretty much no yarn left.

so, this pattern gets a thumbs-up from me. i like the style, but i actually wish there would have been a hole in one side to thread one of the ties through. if i make this again, i'd probably do that and use a thicker yarn for a warmer version.


WIP Wednesdays

The prairie tunic is moving along pretty well.

It's actually a good travel project, which I wasn't expecting. The pattern is really straightforward and I'm always able to tell where I am. Hurrah!


mondays are for...miscellaneous

it was gorgeous outside today, so i had nadine take some pictures of some things that i made a long time ago. this is my favorite picture from our short photo session.

in not-so-good news, i've finally come to terms with the fact that i need to frog my second sock syndrome sock and try it out on larger needles (probably 2s) to get the same gauge as my swappee.

i also ended up admitting that i hated the non-matching decreases on the eternal tank. i frogged the first piece back to the decreases and am waiitng to figure out what i want to do about that before moving on again.


FO - Clementine Shawlette

pattern: clementine shawlette by michele rose orne from interweave knits, spring 2007
for: grandma
yarn: 4 skeins knit picks cotlin in island coral
needles: US size 4 knit picks options

first up: beware of any shawl pattern that doesn't show the back. this shawl is knit in two pieces that are kitchener stitched together at the end. however, this would disrupt the band of garter stitch that borders the entire piece. i really wish this was mentioned in the pattern. luckily, i ran into a finished clementine and didn't like how the two pieces were joined, so i was prepared to spend some time figuring how to make the join look decent.

i'm still not 100% pleased with it, but it's better than my first attempt. what i ended up doing is the opposite of whatever kitchener would normally be (slipping knitwise if the stitch would normally be slipped purlwise and vice versa.) for any stitch that i thought would look better purled. this ended up being the single stitches in between the yarnovers and the garter stitch borders. sounds simple, but i tend to have a hard time getting into a rhythm with kitchener, so this just threw an extra little twist in.

overall, i really like this. i was wary that this might end up a little to small, but a tiny bit of blocking (i blocked the first half before starting the second to check.) took care of that.

the knit picks cotlin is the first yarn with any linen content that i've worked with and it was nice, if a teensy bit rough. after a short soak, the fabric is already softer. i can only assume that it will get softer with wear.


saturdays are for swatching

i did another swatch for a potential future project today.

this was just a bit of nashua cilantro that i had left over from my calorimetry. i've been thinking of making the perfect periwinkle turtleneck tube vest ffrom fitted knits. unfortunately, this was a bit too tight with size 6s, so i'll have to try it again with a larger needle.


WIP wednesdays

the clementine is moving along, albeit slowly. i'm hoping to get it done by the end of the week.

the eternal tank that i swatched for on saturday is a really fast knit. i already have the front done, along with a few rows for the back.


my brother is awesome.

he went to iceland and brought me...


lots of yarn, actually. i'm thrilled, if a bit overwhelmed, since i picked up a bunch of yarn on friday and got a knit picks order on saturday. eek!


saturdays are for...swatching

since i always try to avoid swatching until i'm dying to start a new project, i thought it would be a good idea to take one day a week to do my swatching. so, here's what i got done today.

rowan 4 ply cotton

for the prairie tunic from the spring 2006 issue of interweave knits

south west trading company vickie howell craft

for the multi pattern top from the spring/summer 2006 issue of vogue knitting

rowan cotton tape

for carla from rowan it's a tape thing

and/or rowan cotton tape

eternal from rowan it's a tape thing

needless to say, i'm pretty pleased with myself. i still want to swatch for two other projects (the sienna cardigan from the fall 2006 issue of interweave knits and the provincial waistcoat from the winter 2006 issue of interweave knits), but they're more wintry, so they can wait. or, maybe i'll be swatching for them next saturday.


ravelry is still awesome.

i've been spending more time than i should probably admit on ravelry. i adore it. i finished adding all of the projects that i've mentioned on my knitting blog since its inception, which was a bit of a chore, but made me realize how many projects i don't have pictures of. i may need to remedy that. i also added items to my queue from all of the issues of vogue knitting and interweave knits that i have.

uh, yeah...i'm obsessed.


clementine update

the first half is done.

and apparently isa has no respect for my hard work.


ravelry is awesome!

i know it's everywhere, but i adore ravelry. it's just what i've been looking for. i still have a lot to add, so i'm hoping to get that done this weekend.

in other news, the hourglass sweater is done and blocking. i had over 70 ends to weave in (why do i knit garments in cotton?) and just doing that and seaming the underarms took over two hours. it was brutal. at least it's finished. unfortunately, the shine worsted really holds onto water, so it's still really wet. i blocked it thursday night and i don't know if it will even be done drying by tomorrow. no fun.

i moved the hourglass sweater from my blocking board to the guest bed so that i could use the board to block the first half of the clementine shawl. it looks pretty good. it will definitely be dry before the hourglass sweater. now i just need to cast on for the second half.

my airy wrap-around lace sweater is still on hold. i think the clementine shawl will be my on-the-go project and i'll focus on the airy sweater when i'm at home.