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no more pics for awhile

well, i just dropped my digital camera ("just" as in about a minute ago), and i think it may be dead. i'm planning on buying myself a new fancy schmancy one for my birthday next month, so i guess it's time had come. i'm going to see what i can do, but this may be the last round of pictures for a few weeks.

also, since i'm completely behind and feeling disorganized, this is going to be a quick 'n dirty sort of update.

:angora baby booties

i started and finished these last night. i love how quickly this pattern (from last-minute knitted gifts) knits up. this is my second pair, and i think i may be able to get a third pair out of this ball of bouton d'or angora 100. not bad.

:baby's pure and simple pullover
i'm using the pattern from weekend knitting and some bernat satin in sable. nice yarn and really cheap - can't beat that.

:city shawl

this is on the back-burner until i'm able to finish some of these other projects up.


not started, but i do have the yarn. i'll be working on this as soon as my brother's scarf is done.

:john's scarf

this yarn (db cashmerino aran in navy) is dying the hell out of my hands and needles. boo.

:sss sock

moving along nicely.

:striped scarf
i finished this a little while ago, but haven't been able to get any really great pictures. i guess that it will have to stay in by sidebar for a little longer.

:super-fun scarf
nothing to report, but that's just fine. this is more of a keep-my-hands-busy project than anything else, so i really only work on it if i don't have anything else.


on the go

:sss sock

i'm using regia bamboo color in a navy-ish/light blue/beige mix with a white bit running through it. it's pretty nice stuff. i got sensational knitted socks, so i'm using the baby cable rib pattern to make this one. i'm taking copious notes, so hopefully my swap partner will be able to duplicate it without a problem.

:super-fun scarf

nothing much to say here. when i need mindless, pretty knitting, i work on this when i want to knit but am avoiding my other projects.

:striped scarf for nadine

this pile of craziness is nadine's made-to-order striped scarf. i ran out of the red a little earlier than i thought i would, so it's going to be more pink-heavy on one side. i'm further along than this picture indicates, probably around 2/3.

:city shawl
i'm going to start working on this right now. woo hoo!

FO: hourglass sweater

pattern: hourglass sweater
size: 33" chest
source: last-minute knitted gifts
timeline: started 11.22.2006; finished 12.29.2007
yarn: >11 hanks of noro cash iroha in 084
needles: for hems, knitpicks options US 5; for everything else, US 7
cords: 24" for body up to sleeves, 40" for everything else (magic loop)

ok, so...i love this sweater. love it! it was really fast and easy to customize. i made sure to try it on when i was getting to the end of the decreasing for the waist, to make sure it fit well (it did.) and made the sleeves as long as i needed them (which i'm sure was pretty close to the pattern.). i also did a few extra decreases at the neck so that it wasn't quite so 80s. inspired by nona, i attached the hems at the waist and sleeves at the beginning, which saved me a lot of time finishing things up.

my only complaint? the yarn requirements are WAY too low. even though the pattern calls for 10 hanks, i needed a little more than 11. the cash iroha has a lot of weak spots, so even if you're planning on making the pattern exactly as written, i'd go ahead and buy an extra 2 hanks due to potential yarn waste. i probably only cut out about 7" or so of the yarn, but ended up going into a 12th hank. of course, some of that could be due to the extra decreases i did at the neck.

i guess my recommendation is that anyone who makes this pattern should get at least two extra hanks. if you aren't making any changes that would make the sweater larger or longer than written and you feel like living dangerously, just grab one extra. if you want to pay a heavy price to the knitting goddesses, buy the recommended amount.


knit from your stash 2007

after organizing my yarn, i decided that i needed to get through some of my yarn this year. i'm joining knit from your stash 2007 and here's my plan.

1. i will participate in knitting from my stash from january 1st, 2007, until september 30, 2007: nine months.

2. i will not buy any yarn during this time, with the following exceptions:

a. once i finish up all of the sock yarn that i have, i can buy more.

b. i can buy yarn for gifts if there isn't anything suitable in my stash.

c. if i attend an event focused on yarn (stitches midwest, knitting camp, etc.), i can buy something, provided i stich to a budget.

d. any yarn further than 100 miles from home is exempt.

e. i get to slip up one time.

3. i can accept gifts of yarn. (note to all friend and family. my bday is next month, ya know.

4. i can swap yarn.

5. spinning fiber is exempt.

wish me luck!


decision made: something to frog

i decided the lap blanket i was working on from stash yarn just isn't going to work. i haven't worked on it at months and can't see myself wanting to work on it anytime soon. life is to short for meh knits.


sss II (second sock syndrome)

since i have tons of sock yarn and wanted to start making more socks, i figured this would be a fun way to go about it. here's my survey...

1. What are you favorite sock yarns?
i haven't knit many socks yet. in fact, this will only be my second "real" (using sock-weight yarn) pair. i used cherry tree hill supersock for my first real pair, so i'm really up for anything

2. What are your least favorite sock yarns? Anything you just cannot use?
none. :)

3. What method do you prefer to use (DPN's, 2 circs, 1 circ, etc.)?
i used DPNs for my first pair, but i'll probably use magic loop in the future, since i have some fabulous 40" cables from knitpicks now.

4. Is there any method that you cannot use?
i don't think so.

5. What are you favorite colors?

i like almost anything, but nothing too light, since i'd like to wear these for a while.

6. Are you a beginner, intermediate, or more advanced sock knitter?
i'll say beginner / intermediate.

7. Any other info you want to share (such as other likes, dislikes, hobbies, etc)?

i like dark, dark chocolate, am obsessed with knitting, and am just learning to spin.

8. Last, but not least, what are your sock measurements?
i have a size 8 foot and my ankles aren't particularly large or small, i don't think.

oh, and here's the yarn i'm using for nadine's striped scarf.


casting on for the 2nd project of 2007

i went through some of my random yarns and cast on for a fun scarf. it'll just be a simple garter stitch scarf, but the yarns should make it interesting.


this is frogger...frogger night...

i did a bunch of frogging today. woo hoo! i took care of my 8" too short cropped pullover...

i think i may make it into blue booble from an issue of interweave knits. not sure yet, though.

i also frogged a few random gauge swatches, as well as a small cotton shrug that i made forever ago and never wore. i'm not sure what that yarn will be used for.

in other news, i organized all of my yarn. i have too much, including a ton of sock yarn. i need to add the inventory into the knitable software i have, but didn't have the energy to tackle that tonight. i think i'll grab a small pile every night for a week and see how it goes.

after knitting for almost all day 2 (or 3?) days straight, my left wrist is protesting. i can't find my wrist brace, so even though i took today off, i think i may have to take another 2 days off. that's ok: it may give me an excuse to inventory everything.