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yay for progress pics!

ok, so...the shortened hours of sunlight and all of the rain has really hampered my attempts to take pictures of what i'm working on. i finally took some this morning.

::baby kimono
this morning...


i need to seam it up, obviously. i tried to do the seaming, but seem to be having some sort of block. maybe i'll tackle that tomorrow. i also think that i may need to rip the fronts back a few rows to make them line up with the back, but that's not a big deal.

i love butterfly.

i currently have 20 repeats done on the frill. i'm planning on getting to 22 tonight and then blocking it to see if it will fit. if not, 24 repeats should do the trick.

as you can see, isabel is suitably impressed.

::yarn tasting

i'll probably post more (including pics) tomorrow.


moving along

::baby kimono
the left front just needs about 2 more rows and the bind-off, and then i'll be onto the right front. it's a really nice project for in the car.

i'm 11 repeats / 32cm in on the frill. woo hoo! it's moving along much faster now that i've gotten into a bit of a groove with it. unless something completely awful happens on the main body section, i think i'll be able to finish this in time for the wedding. don't the middle sections sort of look like turkeys?

::xmas gift 02
moving forward, albeit slowly. i'm struggling between wanted to work on butterfly and wanting to finish this so that i can cast on another xmas gift.


amen, sister!

Kidsilk Haze quickly annihilates your posture and the majority of your remaining eyesight.

pictures of my progress from yesterday (and possibly my ever-tightening shoulder muscles) tonight.


back to butterfly

well, i have about a month (actually, a bit less) to make this*...

turn into a tank-length version of this...

given the fact that it took me to get this far since i actually started, i'm not sure how realistic that is. i do, however, have some not-so-helpful help.

*just a note: i actually put a lifeline in just after taking this picture. (the picture showed the first 8 rows of the fringe at the bottom.)


(xmas) yarn shopping galore!

lsat night, i hit up a 40% off noro sale at my sister knits to look for yarn for a xmas gift. instead of getting some 40% off noro, i nabbed 10 hanks of noro cash iroha in burgundy at...50% OFF!!! can't beat that! (the yarn is more red and less pink than it looks in this picture and is more deep/dark, too.)

today, i ended up at knitting etc. and got some more yarn for xmas gifts. i've been looking for a nice worsted weight yarn that wouldn't kill my checking account, and found this plymouth encore in khaki. i has a pinky sort of brown and a gray plied together. (this picture makes it look really washed out.)

i also finally managed to find some cool sock yarn. this is cherry tree hill supersock in green mountain madness. (it does have a lot of blue to it, but it's more green in person than in this picture.)

i was strong and didn't get anything for myself. go me!


started: baby kimono

since i needed another portable project for work and there are two people i know who are expecting babies, i finally have a reason to try out the baby kimono from mason-dixon knitting. woo hoo! i'm just using sugar 'n cream cotton on this one, and i'll be doing garter stitch and yo increases.


FO: xmas gift #5

yay for finishing xmas knitting! notes to come after xmas.

i'm surrounded.

going through some old posts on this blog, i noticed a rather stunning lack of variety in my choice of colors over the past few months.

::exhibit a - the greens

nadine's clapotis

the on-hold cropped pullover

nadine's odessa

ms. marigold

xmas gift #5



::exhibit b - the purples

bell sleeve shrug

green gable

the frogged razor cami (complete with green tank underneath)

xmas gift #2


some yarn i spun


::exhibit c - the neither-green-nor-purples

lace gloves

felted pouch (although, this shouldn't really count because i was just trying to use up that odd ball.)

xmas gift #1

xmas gift #3

xmas gift #4 (this is walking a fine line, though. it's pretty close to the purple family.)





about 61%* of the yarn i purchased and/or knit since june has been either green or purple.** what's up with that? at stitches midwest, i kept telling myself, no more green yarn, but that green laceweight still snuck home with me.

i used to consider myself more of a pink and blue gal, but apparently not anymore. i think it's the hair.

*(green + purple) / (green + purple + other) = (7 + 7) / (7 + 7 +9) = .6087

**only 2 of these puppies (xmas gifts #1 and #5) were included in this particular analysis because they were all purchased regardless of color. of the four remaining, only one is green.

eta: butterfly!


random knitting stuff

this morning on the bus, while working on xmas gift #5, a man asked me if two of my needles (i was using 4 dpns.) were just there to hold the stitches. i said, why yes they are! they just hand out back there. (this was a much better exchange than the so-are-you-making-that-for-me line i usually get.)

inspired by this blog post, i did the last few cables of xmas gift #5 without a cable needle.

however, the first cable i tried seemed very tight and awkward on the needles. i realized (only 5 stitches in...not too bad) that i was only working with 3 dpns because i had put down the 4th while reading that tutorial. i'm a dork.


xmas knitting update

yay! as planned, i finished one of my xmas gifts while in new york (mostly in the airports, thanks to delays). i had to look up some instructions on grafting.

it's blocking now.

as usual, pictures and information will be posted after xmas.

xmas gift #2 is still moving along. i've passed the halfway mark, so i'm happy with that.

i started xmas gift #5 yesterday and it's moving along really well. i would have had more done, but i needed some waste yarn. this will probably be the last picture of this one until after xmas. (those are some soap samples i bought at the renegade craft fair making the picture more interesting.)


nothing much

i've been knitting on xmas gifts #2 and #3 this week. no pictures, though, since i'm trying to keep these under wraps until xmas (obviously).

butterfly is still on hold. i may have to order a teeny tiny crochet hook online, since i haven't had any luck finding one in any of the crafty stores around here.

however, i did run across the following little beauty in barnes and noble on state and jackson. i'm planning on using it for my knitting journal. it has grid pages and plain pages. oh, and it was only $4!

(click to see inside pages.)


ah...that's much better.

yay for takumi bamboos!

xmas gift #3 is moving along much more smoothly now. i'm so glad i went ahead and bought a different set of needles for this. i can really feel my knitting and it seems like i'm knitting faster, too. yay!

in other news, i didn't get a lot done knitting-wise this weekend, partly from laziness and partly from being sick. hopefully, i'll get a lot done during this week.


i've been knitting...a little.

i worked on xmas gift #3 on tuesday...

and then xmas gift #2 on wednesday...

but...my wrist was (is?) sort of jacked, so i took yesterday and today off from knitting. no fun. i'm probably going to take most of tomorrow off, too, and then start on my butterfly in the afternoon or evening.