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just some progress shots...

::green gable
i'm checking on whether i'm supposed to do another 4 rows or if i'm set for the next section.

::razor cami
i'd love to finish up the main section of this tonight. once i do that, however, it will be on hold until i find a coordinating yarn to complete it.


that was the lesson i learned while going through my knitting magazines last night for possible xmas patterns. i only have 3 issues of interweave knits and at least twice that many issues of vogue knitting, but i ended up with far more patterns to knit for xmas (and eventually for myself) from IK than VK. hopefully, i'll get a subscription to IK for xmas.


green gable: beginnings

well, it's more like a lilac gable. i got the yarn last night and just had to cast on.

and here are my (three!) swatches, with the most recent on the top. i had some gauge dyslexia last night, so i cast on with size 9s instead of the recommended 7s or 8s (or something smaller). (the yarn says it gets 4.5 stitches per inch on 7s or 8s, and i wanted to get 5 stitches per inch.) then, i went up to size 13s and did a swatch. when i finished swatch #2, i realized that i was a moron, so i did the third and final swatch on size 6s and got gauge. yay!

finally, here is the oh-so-impressive progress that was made last night.

ms. marigold - more pics

just a few more pictures of ms. marigold, but with much better light.


xmas in july

i just started making a list of projects for xmas. so far, i have potential patterns for half of the people i want to knit for this year. i'm going to through my knitting books, too. i'm thinking the scarf style that i ordered from interweave's hurt book sale will definitely come in handy.

lifelines are fun

can you spot the lifeline(s) in this picture?

yup...there are 4 of them in there. good times, eh? of course, i haven't had to rip back since putting them in, but...that's how it goes, i suppose.


FO - ms. marigold

i'd like to introduce you to ms. marigold (who should probably be blocked).

pattern: ms. marigold from zephyr style
yarn: knitpicks elegance in grass, just under 6 skeins ($27.73, including shipping for extra skeins)
needles / hook: US 5 28" susan bates circs, US 3 40" addis turbo, G/6 metal hook
gauge: 26 st and 28 rows = 4" on size 5s
size: due to gauge issues, followed the stitch-related directions for 44" bust and row-related directions for 34" bust to get a 34" bust
timeline: started 07.02.2006, ran out of yarn 07.14.2006, got more yarn 07.22.2006, finished 07.23.2006

pattern changes: aside from the changes related to gauge, i didn't make too many, really. i made the stockinette section of the body a teensy bit longer than 9", and the ribbing about 2 1/4" instead of 2. i went ahead and did the crocheted armholes and ruffles and, well, i hate to crochet. it really hurts my left wrist. luckily, i had nadine around, so she did the ruffles after i finished off the armholes. hurrah for having a crocheter in the house!

since i had so many stitches at my shoulder, single crocheting three times into each made the ruffle far too frilly. instead, nadine did 2 single crochets into each stitch and only did one fewer sc row than the pattern asked for. i also seamed down the edges of each ruffle on the front and back to make it look a little more put-together.

notes: the construction of this was sort of confusing when i read it, but made perfect sense once i was knitting. i wasn't sure of the fit because i was a dork and didn't put it on waste yarn to try it on as i went. in the future, i won't be so lazy, since that's a big part of the allure of doing top-down projects.

if i make one for someone else (which is a distinct possibility), i'd definitely work with a different yarn, since the elegance, while lovely to work with and really nice-looking in the finished project, really screwed me up as far as my stitch gauge goes. if i'm paying for a pattern, i don't want to have to jimmy with the numbers too much.

that said, if i were to make another for me (definitely thinking about it), i'd like to use the elegance, since i know what changes i needed to make. however, the project ended up being more expensive than i thought it would ($27.73 versus $17.16). if i went with the elegance, i'd knit it using the size size 40" bust, since the front right and left portions are baggy on me and i could live with the armholes being a tad smaller. i am, however, thinking of making one with knitpicks main line, since it's currently on sale. if i end up doing that, i'll cast on for the 32" size and see how the arms / bust fit. aside from that, i'd make it the same way, but with ribbing on the armholes instead of a ruffle.

overall: all in all, a great knit. it took me less than a month, which is lightning-fast for me, especially with all of the other knitting i was doing. it fits better than anything i've ever made for myself, too. in fact, nadine asked me to make her one (sans ruffles) when she saw me wearing mine this morning, so it must look pretty good. oh, and i'm actually wearing it to work today! (sorry for the dark picture, there wasn't much good light this morning.)

going to see the yarn harlot

i'm planning on going to see stephanie speak tonight. yay for canadians in chicago! i've only read one of her books (at knit's end), but i really enjoyed it. i'm supposed to be curtailing my spending (especially with regard to knitting), so i probably won't pick up her new book...yet.

i just got back and i had a great time. it was nice to be in a room (even if it did end up being pretty warm) with a bunch of crazy knitters. i got a few compliments on ms. marigold and the razor cami i was working on, so that was cool. stephanie was, of course, funny in a knitterly sort of way. i'm so glad i went, and i definitely need to pick up one of her other books.

i didn't go to the yarn store because i wanted to be able to resist temptation. i was afraid that the euphoria of a bunch of knitters getting to meet the harlot might wear down my resistance to yarn purchasing. hehe...


another ms. marigold update

as of this morning, ms. marigold was well on her way to being finished.

it fits! and fits well! (please excuse the frizzy hair.)

my only probem right now is that i'm not sure about the instructions for the armholes / ruffle. in the directions, it says to finish the armholes by crocheting two rounds, and then pick up stitches for the ruffle where the shoulder stitches were bound off. where i'm getting confused is that, based on how i'm reading it, it sounds like i'm supposed to build my ruffle on the bound-off stitches at the shoulder, but how can i do that if i've already crocheted two rounds around the entire armhole? am i supposed to build the ruffle off of the crocheted rounds?

i got a very quick reply to my email to zephyr style, and it seems i'm supposed to build the ruffle on the crocheted edge. hurrah!


ms. marigold update

i got my supplemental yarn order from knitpicks this afternoon, so i've been working on ms. marigold for most of the day. i ripped out the ribbing i'd done, and that's always tons of fun.

i worked on the bottom for a while, but that got boring, so i went ahead and picked up the bazillion stitches along the neckline. here's what it looked like after that.

i just finished the last of the stockinette on the body and did a few rows of the ribbing. i'm totally going to finish this tomorrow!


FO - odessa

when i got home tonight, my odessa looked like this...

as i got further into the decreasing, i was wondering if i'd have enough yarn.

i used EXACTLY one skein of knitpicks shine sport! well, almost. i had 42 inches left.

don't worry: my big head and hair aren't the final destination for this hat.

and...daytime pics! is that a cat leg i see?

oh, and a picture of the inevitable.

pattern: odessa by grumperina from the february 2006 issue of magknits
yarn: just a teensy bit < 1 skein of knitpicks shine sport in grass (from stash!)
needles: metal dpns in sizes 4 and 6
timeline: 07.18.2006 - 07.21.2006
comments: i LOVED making this hat! i made it to go with nadine's clapotis, and it's just lovely. it knit up really quickly and the pattern was simple, but interesting. woo hoo!

if i were to make myself one, i'd cast on the same number of stitches, but do an inch or two in pattern before doing the decreasing. having a big head and lots of hair means more knitting apparently.

speaking of the clap, i went to a craft store after work tonight and bought some cute pins to (finally) block it. my blocking board isn't quite big enough, so there will be two stages to this blocking. fun.

stage two and a chance to admire my pincushion and the pins i picked up.


ok, so...re: the previous post:

apparently, just talking about using a lifeline does not have the same effect as actually using one. good to know.

basically, once i was about 5 inches into the cami, i messed up a teensy bit. i just had one stitch too few. it was right above one of the sl-k2tog-psso thingies (here's where the problem starts.), so i tried to figure out what i'd done wrong. i ended up dropping a stitch, but...no big deal, right? i dropped tons of stitches when working on my lace gloves and nothing ever escalated to a catastrophe. i've even messed up a few times on this cami (not counting the yo screw-up), and was able to fix some dropped stitches.


this was different. once i dropped that stitch, i couldn't quite figure out how to fix it. so, i figured i'd just frog back a few rows, toss the stitches on a small needle, and get going. i tried that once, and it didn't work. i had too many stitches in some places and too few in others. i frogged back again. same deal.

so, what did i do?

i frogged all the way back to the ribbing.


(this all took a good three hours or so. i didn't get to bed until around 11, which is late for me.)

i think this is the third (or, goddess help me, fourth) time this cami has reverted to its pre-lace state. i think i'm going to leave it on my knitting shelf for a few days, since i'm angry with it, and nothing ever comes of knitting on something you're mad at.


i hate you, razor cami.

and on that note...i'm going to bed.

ms. marigold - more yarn ordered

well, i called up knitpicks this morning and they are still pulling elegance in grass from the same dye lot, so i went ahead and ordered 2 more skeins. i've screwed up the stashalong this time, but i'll definitely be joining up again after the michigan fiber festival. i'm hoping that i'll be able to make some cool xmas gifts from yarn i already have.

apparently, i'm allowed to buy yarn if it's to finish a project, so...hurrah! i'm still doing the stashalong. yay!


razor cami saga

it looked like this...

but because of this...

it ended up like this...

and currently looks like this...


(and apologies for the dark pictures)


future project

i need to figure out something to do with all 52 of these (5-10 yard) yarn samples.

odessa hat

well, i started odessa. i'm making it for nadine, so it matches her clapotis. it's a nice pattern: just interesting enough that i'm not bored (and my hands don't feel achy), but simple enough that i was able to memorize it easily. woo hoo! here's my progress so far...

the way the lace is working out reminds me quite a bit of how my razor cami seems to be working out. hmmm...

knitting nightmares

over the past week, i have had two major knitting setbacks.

first off, i ran out of yarn for my ms. marigold...

it fits pretty well, aside from the neck/chest area looking stupid because i haven't done the ribbing and it being way too short. since i'm participating in the stashalong for about three more weeks, i'll have time to decide whether or now i should buy some more yarn to finish it. after i decide that, i'll have to determine whether i'm ok with using yarn that may be a bit off in color (different dye lot) for all of the ribbing / ruffles, or if i want to use another color.

then, i got about 4 inches into the razor cami and noticed that my lace progress looks really skewed compared to the picture of the pattern.

so, that's on hold for a little bit until i get some feedback from the people over at the razor knitalong to see if i should rip back to the ribbing or just keep going. at least i'm making whatever mistake i'm making consistently, so i could, in theory, just go with the flow and do my screwed-up version. it doesn't look bad, just different.

and, finally, my cropped pullover is too short. how short? about 8 inches too short.

not only did i do a gauge swatch (maybe two, actually), but i was right on gauge. blah. gauge swatches lie! i'm going to have to frog this and start over from the beginning.

so, i'm feeling a bit down and unsure of my knitting skills at the moment. i'm still working on the bell sleeve shrug, and i don't think i've screwed that up yet. hehe...

and i'm hoping to cast on for the odessa hat at some point today. oh, and also? i hate it when gauge is given not only in the round, but in pattern. so, i should just start knitting and wait until i have 4 stitches worked up for the thing? great...


i'm about 99% sure...

that i'm going to run out of yarn for my ms. marigold.

that is all.


razor cami knitalong

i decided to go ahead and start a knitalong. it's for the razor cami, a pattern i've had bookmarked for a while. it looks like a perfect end of summer knit. i just need to decide what yarn from my stash i should use for it.


i joined the stashalong in the hopes of whittling down my stash. speaking of which, i put away all of my knitting supplies and i LOVE having them all out in the open. i'm totally going to take pictures.

the lace sleeve shrug is coming along pretty well. i'm probably a bit of 30% done already. yay! i think the bigger (US 8) needles are sort of hard on my hands after working on the 1s for so long.


yarn for sale

i have a lot of yarn that needs a good home. i only accept paypal (no credit or debit cards) and will ship via priority mail with delivery confirmation.

9 skeins of cleckheaton natural wool boucle
color 1989, lot 90502
50g / 95 meters per skein
100% pure wool
15st and 23 rows = 4" / 10cm on US 9 needles
price: $30 including shipping

3 balls of sandnes garn canto
color 038, lot 41727
50g / 35 meters per ball
95% wool, 5% polyamid
price: $18 including shipping

lot of lion brand wool-ease
All skeins from the same color are from the same dye lot. The colors included are Fisherman 99, Oxford Gray 152, Mink Brown 127, a heathered burgandy color (no label), and a black that is over half full (no label).
price: $20 including shipping

3 skein of lion brand chunky USA - discontinued
1 - pacific blue 106
2 - U.S. navy 111
113g / 140 meters per skein
100% acrylic
12st and 16 rows = 4" / 10cm on size US 11 / 8mm needles
price: $15 including shipping

***take all 5 skeins of the chunky USA for $20 including shipping.***

knitting organization

last night, i went through all of my (and nadine's) yarn and made sure they were in non-holey ziploc bags. i also tossed in little notes for whom the yarn belongs to, what it will be used for, and the number of bags (if there were more than one), i.e. for my big bunch of pink rowan cotton tape, "Lynne, cardigan/sweater, 1 of 3". i also tossed in a copy of the pattern that i planned on using for the yarn, if i had one.

so far, "the plan" is to toss my knitting stuff up on some ikea shelves in the crafty room. the needles are all in boxes or cases, and i only have one small bag with miscellaneous items (yarn needles, measuring tapes, cable needles, stitch markers, etc., etc., etc.). i'm hoping the ziploc bags don't look too trashy. i'm figuring they'll be better than a bunch of books about software programs or some random cords / adapters.

so, how do people usually organize / display their yarn? i'm sort of paranoid (cats, dust, bugs), so i really don't want to have my yarn just sitting out unprotected. i like the idea of having it out in the open so that i can see what i have (and, hopefully, not buy yarn until i whittle down my stash a bit).


future projects

::trellis scarf
i've decided to make this scarf from the spring 2006 issue of interweave knits to go with my lace gloves. excuse the not-so-great picture; it was all i could find online.

::bell sleeve shrug
remember how i was wondering what to do with my farmer's market yarn? well, here's a picture of the yarn...

and what i want to turn it into...

that's a picture of the bell sleeve shrug from beatknit patterns. i ran across the it while going through some random knitting books, magazines, and patterns i had printed out. i think it will be a good, portable project.


once upon a time...

well, ok...last year, i went to a farmer's market and bought some handspun wool yarn that had been dyed with indigo. it was pretty expensive (for me, at least - around $35 or so), but i'm an addict, so i bought it. i had no idea how much yarn i have, and so i brought the ball with me to work to weigh it. it weighs 5.4 oz., so i think that i have over 330 yds of it. good times. any thoughts on what i should make with it? my gauge is 4 sts per inch / 6 rows per inch on (i think) size 8s. (i made the swatch forever ago, and can't remember what needles i used.)


FO - lace gloves

one final progress shot...

pattern: women's lace gloves no. 626 seen at strikker
yarn: misti alpaca lace in 7120 sea mist (it's much paler than on the site.) from knitting etc. (used all but a yard or two of the 437 yd, 50g skein)
needles: skacel addi 6" bamboo needles from knitting etc.
gauge: 9 sts per inch with yarn held double

i LOVED working on these. i was worried about using such small needles and such fine yarn, but they worked up quickly. i had a real sense of accomplishment each time i finished a section, which happened often due to the small size of the project. the yarn was a good choice, but i'd probably stick to a fingering yarn, as called for in the pattern, instead of a lace yarn in the future.

weaving in all the ends was a bit of a pain, but that's what happens when you knit gloves, i suppose. the pattern wasn't 100% spelled out, so i had to do a bit of figuring out, but it wasn't difficult and was a nice exercise. the end product is totally worth the process.

i really liked the pattern and might actually make another pair at some point using thicker yarn. my future plans are to make a lacey scarf to go with it, since i have 2 skeins of yarn leftover.

knitty summer 2006

very cute. and ONE SKEIN? very cool. i'm a sucker for fingerless gloves, so i might have to see if i have any yarn in my stash for this one. definitely a great stash-busting project for those odd leftover balls.

not my style.

i've made one bracelet (as a gift) so far, and really enjoyed it, so i've been sort of half-assedly on the lookout for interesting bracelet pattersn. this definitely fits the bill. yet another great project to work through leftover bits of yarn.

i don't really like the yarn choice of this, but i adore the construction. i'l probably opt for something simpler (possibly even plain black or gray) so that i could wear it more often. then again, i had a purse that doubled as a muff for years and never used it. hmmm...

i just realized that this is designed as a stash-busting project. wonderful!

first off, those purple ones are GORGEOUS! and the pattern can deal with my weirdly-small hands? fabulous! size 4 needles? aw, yeah. and i love fingerless gloves, so...i guess i'll probably end up making a pair of these. not sure about the embroidery, though. i'm sure i'd have a really hard time figuring out what to put on them.

i like the pattern, but am not sure how i feel about beads on my socks.

a really cool pattern. i'm definitely interested in making a pair of these.

a cute toe-up sock pattern. i might try this out if i'm worried about having enough yarn for a pair of socks.

how sexy are these? definitely in the i-want-to-knit-something-challenging pile.

::lickety split
not my style, but probably fun to knit.

::dancing lady
not my style, but probably a good way to practice two-stranded knitting.

::tulip toes
i like these better in the picture with the actual tulips than on the baby.

i don't think i believe in knitted shoes. hehe...

i love knitting patterns that solve problems. if i had any bald friends, i'd definitely make one of these for them for xmas. i might actually make one anyway.

really cute, but i don't think i'd wear it. plus, i'm not sure my big head (plus big hair) would manage to fit under it. it might be a good gift to knit, though.

not my style.

::sock monkey hat
how cute is that? unfortunately, i don't have anyone to make that for and don't think i could pull it off.

::klein bottle
not my style.

this hat looks rather fabulous. maybe i'll knit one for myself during the fall.

not my style.

really pretty, but i probably won't knit them.

not my style, but definitely an interesting pattern.

another interesting pattern. i really need to knit some flowers.

yarn sale...finally

i tossed a bunch of yarn from my stash up on ebay. the prices are (i think) pretty low, so i'm hoping it all sells.


pictures of the clap

as promised, here are pictures of the clapotis that i made for nadine.

first off...how hot is this?

and now...The Clap of Doom...


lace gloves updated (with pictures)

all that is left on this one is the weaving in (which will take care of the pointy tips on some of the fingers) and sewing down the trim around the wrist.

the left one is still missing two fingers, but should be done by the end of the week...hopefully.

rowan big wool felted pouch thingy

i think i mentioned this at some point. i had a random ball of rowan big wool that i'd bought on sale that was languishing in my stash, so i just started knitting and ended up with this...

after felting (only 2 cycles with a pair of jeans), i ended up with this...

the lighting on the after picture is pretty crappy, so i might retake it in natural light. i loved working with the big wool and it felted beautifully. of course, the price of the big wool doesn't make it an ideal felting yarn, but...what can you do?

oh, and do i have any idea what i'll be using it for? no. no, i don't.

ms. marigold update

this is a picture of the yarn i'm using for ms. marigold.

and here's where i am after just two days of working on it. i've finished the first three parts and the first section of the fourth part. i know it doesn't look like much, but i have both of the shoulders done, along with the right front down to what will be the armhole.

and some pattern notes, because i know those are so helpful. hehe...

::part C - completed 07.03.2006
as written

::part D - started 07.03.2006
for all sections, repeated the rows 10 times for a total of 44 rows (once again, i did this in order ot make sure i was increasing enough to deal with my messed-up stitch gauge.)

yarn for sale!

i managed to post a bunch of the unloved yarns from my stash up on ebay. happy bidding!

lace gloves progress

i finished finger #3 on glove #2. just the pinky, the thumb, and a bit of finishing. woo hoo! i think i'm enjoying working on these so much because there's such a sense of accomplishment after finishing each section (wrist, palm, each finger) that i don't get that this-will-never-end feeling that i got with skully and cathode. the way the pattern for ms. marigold is set up is also giving me that sense of accomplishment, since it's divided into part A, part B, etc.

now, should i finish up the gloves tomorrow or get some more done on ms. marigold? hmmm...

ms. marigold progress

well, after determining that i couldn't find my size 5 tips for my boy needlemaster set and realizing that i couldn't possibly make the 2-3 hour car trip up to wisconsin without working on ms. marigold, i went to joann and picked up some new circs. tsk, tsk. if there's one thing i don't need, it's knitting needles.

as i wrote in my prior post about ms. marigold, i decided to cast on for the size 44" chest. i can't tell you how much i HATED this pattern for the first hour and a half i worked on it. first of all, i ended up (backward loop) casting on WAAAAY too tightly. then, because i haven't been able to follow written directions since, oh, kindergarten, i kf&b for every stitch on the first row (yes, all 87 of them.) instead of just the first and last stitches. what is wrong with me?

anyway, once i loosened up my cast-on and actually read (and followed) the directions, it moved pretty quickly. i've finished parts A and B so far, and would have done more if it the stupid sun hadn't set while we were driving home. (note to self: buy ultra-cool needles that light up.

here are my pattern notes so far, since i'm a dork who hasn't been writing them down.

::beginning - started on 07.02.2006
- actual gauge: 26 st by 28 rows = 4" on size 5 US needles
- sizing: used size 44" bust to hopefully end up with a 34" bust based on gauge; some futzing will be done, since my row gauge is the same as the pattern's
CO for the size 44" chest directions

::part A - completed this section on 07.02.2006
- followed directions as written

:part B - completed this section on 07.02.2006
- repeated all rows 3 times*
*i'm not sure if this makes sense, but...since i didn't want to be too far away from the recommended number of rows (my row gauge is right where it should be.), i didn't do the 7 sets of rows that were recommended for the 44" directions. i would have just done the 2 sets of rows that were listed for the 34" size, but there was increasing that i didn't want to neglect. so...since the 34" directions called for 20 stitches increased, i multiplied that my the magic number (1.3), and ended up wanting to increase 26 stitches. i rounded up and did 3 sets of rows, ending up with 30 total stitches increased in part B.


weekend knitting fun

well, i seem to have misplaced the size 5 tips from one of my old boye needlemaster sets. blah. so, i'm going to grab some circs at joann (hopefully) this morning. i want to get started on ms. marigold.

speaking of which, if my stitch gauge is 1.3 times the stitch gauge for the pattern and i want to end up with a 34" chest, i should be fine following the instructions for the 44" chest, right? (34 x 1.3 = 44.2) i hope so. at least i can try this one on as i'm working on it if things are looking too crazy.