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lace gloves

i just wanted to post to mention that i finished finger #1 on glove #2. woo hoo! i'll have these done just in time for...the fourth of july. i am a dork.


WIPs and future plans

1 - gloves (in progress; currently on the cuff of glove #2; need to do some minor finishing on glove #1)
2 - ms. marigold (i want to start this tonight, but i need to rewrite the pattern first. my gauge is 6.5 st/in and 7.5 rows/in. boo.)
3 - cropped pullover from vogue knitting (i want to work on this after i finish ms. marigold. i need to do another, larger, gauge swatch because my first one LIED to me. then, i need to start it over. boo again.)
4 - ombre blanket from last-minute knitted gifts (i'll start this after both ms. marigold and the cropped pullover are done. i don't have yarn for it, but i'll probably just end up buying enough of the first color and then buying more as i finish those sections up, since i hear it takes forever to knit.)
5 - socks (i have a lot of sock yarn, so i'm going to tackle some new socks once i finish my gloves. i have a few patterns i'm looking at, so we'll see what i end up using.)


updates: gloves and ms. marigold

the gloves are going well. i finished the first one (well, i need to weave in some ends and do some stitching on the cuff, but that's all.) and started the second using a second skein of yarn over the weekend. unfortunately, i discovered that, while knitting last night (note to self: do not knit lace patterns when tired.), i somehow lost a stitch on the back section of the gloves. i spent a little while trying to fix it, but couldn't figure it out. blah. to be fair, i've made a few mistakes and dropped more stitches than i care to remember when making my first glove, and i've been able to fix everything pretty easily, so it hasn't been that bad.

also, i bought three skeins of the yarn i'm using because i'm the sort who gets paranoid about running out of yarn. i weighed the first glove and the skein i had been using for it, and, unless the universe is screwing with me, i should be able to get the second glove out of the same skein. woo hoo! i'm planning on making a cute, lace scarf out of the second skein and returning the third.

::ms. marigold
i need to figure out another name for my ms. marigold, since i'm using green. i don't think ms. grass would really work? ms. fern, perhaps?

anyway, i just started the FOURTH swatch for this puppy. sigh i'm making this one a bit bigger and am trying out the (recommended) 5s yet again. if the stitch gauge is still off (and the row gauge still perfect), i'm going to have to rewrite the pattern for myself. i know it won't be difficult, but i don't like introducing more opportunities for error into my knitting projects if not completely necessary.


future projects, i.e., fun with sock yarn

i bought 4 balls of this because i want to make some sort of knee high socks out of it. cute stuff, eh? it should be fun to knit with self-striping yarn, since i never have before.

knitpicks' sock memories is some soft merino stuff! i have two hanks, for which nadine suggested gloves or something, and i think she's right. this yarn is too pretty to hide in shoes. not exactly sure what pattern i'll end up using.

cute colors and a nice, study-seeming yarn. i also have 2 balls of this. i may try making a pair of anklets for some moderately-instant gratification.

ok, i totally bought this yarn because it reminded me of the 80s. so, sue me! hehe...no idea what i'll be making with this. i'll probably check out a fun pattern (maybe pomatomus or jaywalkers?). we shall see.


new yarn and ms. marigold

i just got my knitpicks order! woo hoo! i love getting new yarn. i'll post pictures as soon as i find the cable for my camera.

of course, i immediately started swatching the elegance (in grass) for ms. marigold. i love this yarn. it's really smooth and nice to knit with.

eta: the swatching for ms. marigold isn't going too well. both my 5s and 6s give me too tight a gauge, so i'm trying out the 8s now. wish me luck...


felted pouch thingy

i'm about to start felting my pouch thingy. i used one ball of rowan big wool in color #13 (cream and gray). most of the pouch was done on size 15 needles, with the last bit being knitted on size 5s to make the top more sturdy and smaller.

starting dimensions: 13.5" high by 7.5" wide


spinning: first skein!

i just finished spinning my first skein of yarn! it was just a small amount of roving (in a gorgeous dark purple / blue wool), but it is so cool! it looks like a medusa head of some sort. i didn't ply it, and i'm not sure what i'll end up making with it, if anything.

of course, now i want to buy more roving. tsk, tsk. however, what i want even more than that is to take a spinning class. i wonder if there are any in the city...

yarn shopping is fun

i went to knitting etc. yesterday. i'd planned on getting a gift for someone and enough yarn to make these gloves for myself. unfortunately, i stumbled upon a big sale. fortunately, it was mostly on novelty and ribbon yarns, which i (luckily) have no use for at the moment.

i ended up getting two skeins of super-soft alpaca in a pale green color (regular price) for the gloves and 2 skeins of sock wool in a darkish cream color (on sale!) in case i want to make another pair of the gloves. i did a test swatch, and decided to use two strands of the laceweight yarn and size 1 needles, so i'm probably going to grab another skein of the alpaca. i don't really think i'll run out, but i'm sort of paranoid about that sort of thing.

so, i'm planning on running back to the yarn store for another skein of that yarn, some size 1 dpns, and the gift that i waffled on while i was there. i'll probably go on tuesday. woo hoo!


ms. marigold

i just purchased the pattern for ms. marigold (and am having troubles downloading it, but...we shall see what happens with that.). how cute is that, seriously? i wanted to make a chunky tank top, but couldn't find a pattern that i loved. so, here i am on size 5 needles again.

i'm not sure if i'm going to use the yarn that is recommended (knitpicks elegance) or try something else. right now, i'm looking at shine worsted or shine sport. i'll probably knit up a swatch in shine sport, since i still have some left over from clapotis and see if i can get gauge. not that i know what the gauge is yet, since i can't download the pattern. hehe...



::mystery project
tonight, i went through my yarn stash (with nadine) and have one full container of yarn to sell. yay! however, i was vascillating on an odd ball of rowan big wool (in white and gray) that i grabbed at arcadia knitting (50% off, if i remember correctly) months ago. what to do, what to do...

i just got a washing machine, so i thought it might be a good time to do my first felting project. since i have no idea what i want to make or if i'd have enough yarn to even complete a particular project, i just cast on 36 stitches and am doing k1, sl1 purlwise on each row. i'll probably end up with a bag / sack or some sort, but what it actually ends up being used for will depend on what size it ends up felting to. good times, eh?

::cropped pullover (vogue knitting)
i did a few more rows on this, since i was itching to knit, but didn't have anything to work on at the moment. yay!

::angora baby booties (last-minute knitted gifts) - commission
i finally finished these. they took forever because they got pushed to the side with the move. however, i'll be shipping them out tomorrow. oh, and they are adorable!

::bpal imp case
since i love the gray angora from the baby booties, i decided to use the first portion of that pattern (the k1, sl1 purlwise that i'm also using on the rowan big wool) and just wing it. i added some decorative edging and ended up with a cute little 2-imp case. woo hoo! i might make a few more of these.


interweave knits, summer 2006

i picked this up at dominick's the other day (hurrah for dominick's carrying knitting magazines!), so i thought i'd toss up my thoughts on the patterns.

looking glass top: boring. i don't know if it's the color or the fact that half of the sweater is in shadow (wtf?), but i wouldn't waste my time making this. i also don't like that the pattern is also on the back of the sweater.
pink mimosa: this is really cute, but i'd probably try to sew in some snaps or something to keep it closed (i hate belted shirts / sweaters.). i'm not sure if i like it enough to make it, though, especially since there's tons of stitches to pick up (boo!) and it's knit on size 4s.
marseilles pullover: cute, but i probably wouldn't make this.
wedgewood blouse: this one keeps calling to me, but the way the there isn't really any definition between the body and the sleeves bothers me. it looks better in the second picture, but i don't trust it. i'll probably spare myself making this and getting aggravated when it actually does look like the first picture.
cambridge jacket: blah.
marigold tote: really cute! i like the use of two non-solid yarns and how graphic it is. this might be a good project for using up some yarn in my stash.
great gifts: stuff for kids, so...blah. however, i do think the bazaar socks are really, really cute. and i'd be tempted to make the pea pod baby set if a close friend was expecting. cute.
brooklin cap: no hats for me.
thorn and thistle twinset: is it just me, or does this model have reeeeeeally wide shoulders? i have abnormally small shoulders, so this is really annoying for me, even though you can never count on how an item looks on a model. i really like how the tank looks on its own, so this is a maybe.
mommy snug: none of my friends are breeding at the moment, so i wouldn't have to make this for a while. then again, a maternity sweater knit on size 6s? nah.
evening star top: knitting magazines should not be allowed to take pictures of with models sitting down. argh. i like the shaping of this, from what i can tell. it's a maybe, since it's something different.
bias corset: this looks like a maternity shirt to me. it doesn't reallly do anything for me.
fairy net blouse: this is another one of those patterns that, while i'm about 90% sure i'd never wear it, i sorta want to knit it. i was thinking that i could knit it and decide whether i wanted the overlap later, but...yeah. i need to stay away from patterns that i want to make "just because".
icarus shawl: gorgeous, but i don't plan on making anything that delicate for a while.
brioche bodice: should i make this? after working on clapotis for over 30 hours, i want something cute, fast, and wearable for summer. oh, and it needs to be for me. hehe...i've been looking up yarn options for this, so...i might be working on this soon.
seaberry shell: add this to the pile of things that i want to make "just because". i think this would be a really cute shirt for a little girl, but i don't think i could pull it off. plus, i'd want to make it a bit longer. another tempting item that i should totally stay away from. hehe...
bonita shirt: how sweet is this? i wish it weren't on such small needles, but i'm feeling kind of dumb that way right now. i'd probably only do the eyelet pattern on the front, since it seems like a bit much on the back. did i mention that i think this is sweet? sigh...a possible future project. this might be nice to work on at some point in winter to gear up for spring.
lotus blossom tank: first off: what's with all of the shadow? secondly: why do so many things need to be cropped? boo! i know, i know: i could just repeat the lace pattern once more. it's cute and i really like the straps.
sweet somethings: nothing really blew me away. i do like how the summer shawlette is shaped to stay on the shoulders without needing any sort of closure. i might look at that in the future.
eyelet chemise: another really cute one, but on small needles. also, another one that i wish weren't so cropped. i guess i know what's in style this season. *eye roll* another pattern to add to the possible future projects.


the clapotis of DOOM!!!

well, i finished The Clap. didn't know i started one, did you? i used ~6 skeins of knitpicks shine sport in grass (repurposed from the aborted orangina). i still like this yarn after working with it FOREVER, so i suppose one could call me a fan. hehe...the pattern itself, well...it's long. really long. i know i should have been able to tell; i mean, ~5ft long on size 5 needles! hello! i'm a dork.

however, it is gorgeous. i've mostly been working on this during my lunch at work, but i took it outside on wednesday and i ADORE the sheen of the shine sport in natural light. woo hoo! i actually made it for nadine as a housewarming gift, so it's about a week and a half late. not too bad. i hope she likes it!

pictures forthcoming once i find my camera cord in one of the bazillion boxes in our crafty / office / spare room.