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i think you should sit down for this.

are you sitting? ok.

i'm actually working on the cathode. i know, i know. it's hard to believe. i have the needles and the sweater and the yarn and the instructions all together at one time and i'm knitting it. insane!

seriously, though, aside from this puppy, i'm 100% done with my xmas knitting. good times. i finally picked this bad boy up last night and managed to do all of the picking up and knitting of stitches along the follar, as well as the first 4 rows of knitting. i just completely another one a few minutes ago, which means i have 5 (possibly 7, depending on how long it takes for me to get to 1.5") and a bind off and I'M DONE!

to be fair, the pattern is wonderful. very straightforward. the body of the sweater knits up ridiculously quickly, which is always a plus. if i hadn't listened to someone's advice on which size to make and lost some weight, i might actually keep it. i might only have worn it around the house, since the colors don't really suit me (i'm a DORK!), but...what can you do.

so, now this sweater will find a home with another knitter who actually requested that i finish it for her (instead of frogging and or burning it like i was planning on doing) on xmas. yay!

update: it's done. oh my goddess. i think i might pass out.

i really, really, really don't like the way the ribbing on the collar looks, but...the other ribbings looks funky, too, but looks good on. i'll try it on when i get home and, if the collar doesn't look better, maybe i'll try and block it a bit. or maybe iron it. we shall see.

NOTE: i did not use the recommended yarns for my cathode, instead opting to me a "cheap cathode" to make sure i liked the shape of it before using the red gedifra yarn i had bought (which is now slowly becoming a crocheted afghan, thanks to nadine).

i just had to add that i started cathode on january 25th, 2005. i'm so lame! i can't believe it took that long!



i just did a small swatch for my hat, and it went pretty well. it's really fun. i need to figure out if i want to do any striping on it. i can't wait to really get working on the hat. it's going to be soooo warm!

organizing knitting crap is fun! (and more)

i'm organizing my knitting stuff. is there any better way to spend a cold day? i didn't think so. i'm dividing my yarn into two bins: the first for ongoing projects or ones i'm planning in the future, and the second for yarn without a particular purpose. i'm also going through all of my needles and other items. fun, fun, fun!

nadine found my missing random knitting bag last night, so that was beyond cool. i finished weaving in the ends of the huge washcloth from weekend knitting, so that was cool. the bag also had the brown yarn that i want to make a hat out of (to match my armwarmers and scarf), so i just need to find a pattern to use.

i finished another xmas gift (yet another set of armwarmers, this time with just one skein of moda dea ricochet in soul) this morning and am working on a commissioned scarf (lion brand homespun in fuschia - super fun!). after that, i only have 2 washcloths and the last bit of ribbing on the cathode sweater (i bought new needles for it.) to finish my xmas. 16 days to go. no problem!



the new knitty is up, which is always a horribly distracting thing for me. instead of focusing on what i'm currently working (not to mention projects in the wings), i start planning yarn purchases for all of the new stuff i want to make. tsk, tsk.

however, i saw that stephanie had a new (very cute) pattern, so i went to her site to look around and came across this pattern for a neckwarmer thingy. very cute and it only uses 125 yds of yarn. can't beat that, really. i need to see if i have any yarn that will knit up to 22 sts and 34 rows to 4" on size 6 needles before i buy it.

xmas knitting is going ok. i "lost" my weekend knitting book, along with my size 5 24" circs and a huge-ass washcloth i had made as a present. i have no idea where they could be, but i'm 99% sure (after having my memory jogged by another knitter) that i had them all together. i'm taking wednesday off to do a bunch of cleaning / purge / organizing / decorating, so i'm hoping to run across them then. wish me luck!

xmas knitting and shopping are going well. i still have a few things to finish up, but i hae a lot done. here's a quick tally:

5 scarves
4 armwarmer sets

cathode (i just need to do the ribbing on the collor, but i'll need to buy another pair of size 5 circs if i don't find them on wednesday.)
scarf for john (it's not a xmas present, so i can post about i here.)

::not started
armwarmer set for A (i have the yarn, though.)
something for Y (probably a scarf / armwarmer set)
2 washcloths for R (i think i might need to buy some cotton yarn for these.)

::need to buy
a small box
gift certificate

so, yeah...not too bad. i've gotten distracted by the skully sweater (from stitch 'n bitch) that i'm making for myself because i'm able to just mindlessly knit, knit, knit. i was to either start the armwarmer set for A or work some more on my brother's scarf tonight. the gauge on the armwarmers is about 4st/inch, so they'll knit up quickly.