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harry potter scarf - complete

i finished up the fringe tonight. pictures forthcoming.

second-to-last (hopefully) hp scarf update

the harry potter scarf is all but complete. i just need to do the fringe, which should occupy me most of tonight. woo hoo!


because there can never be enough...hp scarf update

i just started stripe #15. so, counting that, i only have 5 more stripes. oh, and an asston of fringe.


more hp scarf updates!

so, i'm about 1/3 through stripe #13. woo hoo! this really knits up fast when i actually sit down and work on it. i really think that finishing it up i plenty of time for halloween.

quick 'n dirty cardigan pattern?

does anyone know where i could find a non-boxy cardigan pattern worked in bulky yarn on big needles? i want to make a cardigan, but i don't want it to take forever. i just want something simple that i can wear to work during the winter.

and, yes, i realize that i should just put my big-girl pants on and figure a pattern out for myself, but...following someone else's pattern is so much easier.

hp scarf update

i just started stripe #11 (of 19). this is definitely taking longer than i thought it would, but i'm hoping to make some real progress (at least two more stripes) tonight.


harry potter scarf update

i'm halfway through stripe number 8 of 19. if i really focus on this during my lunch hours and over this coming weekend, i should be able to have it done by monday...i think. wish me luck!

and now i'm 2/3 of the way through stripe #9.


xmas knitting

i finished the first armwarmer for a pair i'm making for a xmas give. i'm using wool-ease thick n quick in a brown/black combo. i really like how it came out, although it might be a bit big. luckily, i'll only have to unseam it, undo the bind off, frog a few rows, re-bind off, and re-seam. not too bad, really, since there are only 20 stitches per row.

i didn't use a pattern, though. i sort of made up my own combination of the armwarmer patter from weekend knitting and a free pattern from lion brand that was in my vogue knitting holiday 2005 issue. it worked pretty well.

i don't think i'll have any problems finishing this pair up by tomorrow, if not tonight. wish me luck!

on the loooooong ride home tonight, i ended up starting and finishing the second armwarmer. yay for having another xmas gift done. now, i just need to figure out what i want to work on tomorrow.



i just got my holiday 2005 issue of vogue knitting in the mail! yay!

gryffindor scarf

well, i got the yarn for the harry potter (gryffindor) scarf last night and started it. i'm hoping to get a decent bit done today. wish me luck.

whoops...i meant to post that, but must have just hit save instead.

anyway, i'm 12 rows into the third stripe. not too shabby. i'm hoping to finish that and get the next stripe done tonight.

oh, and here's what it looks like so far:

and, because a knitting blog just isn't a knitting blog without them...pictures of my kitties:
isabel (isa)




holy crap!

ok, so...i just got a commission last night to make a scarf like one of the ones in harry potter. very cool, especially since i could definitely use the money.

however, nadine just called and said that one of her school friends wants to have me make 6 PAIRS OF ARMWARMERS as xmas gifts! woo hoo! now, i just need to figure out how to price them.


because i just can't help myself, yet another xmas update

i finished the set of purple armwarmers to go with the endless loop scarf i made in moda dea's ricochet. i am the best.

i'm hoping to work on the super bulky wool-ease ones at work this week.

i grabbed 2 balls of joann sensations cosetta in red for the potato chip scarf. i'm not sure if i'll need both balls, so i might end up returning the second one.


xmas update

well, the fabulous pink scarf that i started on thursday is finished! i am so productive lately!

i picked up some of the purple yarn (ricochet from moda dea) with which i made one of the endless loop scarves because i'm going to make a set of the armwarmers from weekend knitting to go with it. the yarn was marked down to $2, so that was pretty cool.

i also ended up buying a skein of super bulky wool-ease from lion brand for another set of armwarmers. i ended up getting the black/brown combo color, and i think it'll look great knitted up.

for the aborted lace / leaf-pattern scarf, i think i'm going to make a potato chip scarf. i need to grab some yarn for it, but i'm going to wait until i finish the two sets of armwarmers that i'm working on.


xmas (and more) update

i just started another scarf (in some fabulous pink yarn) for a xmas present. i've been on quite a roll lately, so i might be able to get this done by the end of the weekend. fabulous!

i also finished the second of the pair of armwarmers (from weekend knitting) today. actually, i started and finished it today. go, me! however, i'm not very happy with how the bind-off looks, so i may do that part over if it starts to bother me.

xmas update

well, i finished the huge purple scarf last night. go, me!


xmas knitting update

so far, this is the plan for xmas:
- wool scarf in peach - complete
- angel hair scarf with fringe in beige / white - complete
- purple scarf - ~1/3 done
- cathode - still need to do the stupid ribbing!!!
- pink chenille scarf - not started (i just wound the hank into a ball last night and i cannot wait to start working with this stuff.)
- light pink lace scarf - not started (need a pattern; oh, and this yarn is from the much-maligned leaf-pattern scarf that i finally frogged.)
- something Y - not started (i'm not sure if i'll be making a scarf or armwarmers.)
- something R - i need to think of what to make for this person.
- armwarmer sets #1-4 - not started (i may need yarn for these, but i'm going to see what's in my stash first.)

i think i'm off to a good start. i just need to make sure that my "fun knitting" doesn't distract me too badly. i think i may start on the first set of armwarmers tonight.

a random update

well, i started (and finished) one armwarmer from weekend knitting: 50 unique projects and ideas* with some of the brown yarn from stitches midwest. the pattern was pretty cool, although i wasn't very careful about my guage and ended up with my first armwarmer being waaaaay too small. good times...i'm hoping to get the next one done next weekend.

*and, for a quick and dirty review of this book, it's pretty cool. the pictures are nice (although i could do with a bit more detailed pics, like what the thumbhole was supposed to look like for the armwarmers) and the directions seem ok so far. i bought it on a whim because i had a 40% off coupon at joann that was going to expire. i'm glad i grabbed it because i've been looking for basic projects that are still interesting to knit.